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Begum Liaquat Ali Khan

Begum Liaquat Ali Khan

Begum Liaquat Ali Khan

Rana Liaquat Ali Khan, besides being a silent activist of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, also has the privilege of being the wife of the first Prime Minister of Pakistan. You were born in the Himalayan foothills. He got his early education at Wesley High School in Nanny Tall, then came to Lucknow with a master's degree from Izabella, and graduated from Isabella Byrne College.
In school and college you were prominent. Your physical response, intuitive, and euphemism confused the audience. You used to attend student activities. You topped the University in Lucknow University for an MA in Economics and Economics. Your dissertation in EMA will be greatly appreciated.

After completing your MA you got a degree in education and started teaching.
He first taught girls at Gokhale Memorial School and then joined Delhi University's college as a professor of economics. In this college, you have been teaching Economics for a year and a half. In April 1937, Liaquat Ali Khan's informal ritual was Rana Liaquat. Begum Liaquat Ali Khan used to write and write all the letters of Liaquat Ali Khan. Begum Liaquat also assisted them in political affairs.
Reena Liaquat does all she can to raise her husband's hand as much as possible, and also fulfills his obligations.

Begum Liaquat was born on October 13, 1937, and Akbar Liaquat on April 10, 1941. Begum Liaquat raised them with great responsibility. Leaders of the nation could not pay attention to the children because of their engagements, so the responsibility fell on Begum Liaquat's shoulders and she fulfilled that responsibility very successfully.
Besides her husband and children, she had two more engagements or hobbies. Music and books.
On 14 August 1947, when Pakistan came into being, Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan was appointed the first Prime Minister of Pakistan. Now Liaquat Ali Khan and Begum Liaquat Ali Khan have new responsibilities. Based on the floods that had migrated from East Punjab and other regions, the organization started a regular campaign to support Liaquat Ali Khan and the support of the Noah Man.

They started this organization in the form of movement. You formed a group of women and called it "Jamaat Volunteer Women Pakistan". At that time, women had no experience of social service and relief for the needy. Domestic women did not know that they could do any service outside the home. In these situations, the organization of inexperienced women and the service of those who suffer from them, the needy, was certainly the most difficult task. Begum Liaquat took up the task.
The success they have achieved in this great work is truly amazing. The way the inexperienced Pakistani women under her leadership united and worked for the service generation is her own example. Women who had never stepped out of their homes began to move around the camps to serve refugees. On the side of the road, serving sick patients, they took widows and orphans by hand.
The job search department was opened by Begum Liaquat Ali. A department search was established for the missing. A separate department has been set up for marriageable girls, houses for widows are provided.

Sixty thousand Muslim women were abducted in riots and riots in 1947, and centers were opened for their recovery. Begum Rana Liaquat volunteers with the women to lead the sick, inspect and visit refugee camps, self-monitor food and logistics distribution.
Distribute blankets, food, clothing, and medicines to the disabled and disabled migrants and travelers who were unable to reach the aid centers or refugee camps. He preferred work and service on the life of luxury, despite being the wife of the Prime Minister of the country.
When the movement for volunteerism among the women of Pakistan caught its root, Begum Rana Liaquat tried to make it permanent.

Nurses were needed in hospitals in Pakistan, and the majority of Muslims at that time did not like sending their children to this area. That's why Begum Rana Liaquat Ali tried to raise the social status of nurses and for that Take the necessary steps. To make the nursing movement popular, you consulted with doctors, tried to change or raise the social status of nurses attending committees.
They bravely fought against the old prejudices. Due to these efforts, people in Pakistan changed their minds and started sending their children to the nursing department and then sometime later, when there was no need for nurses in hospitals in Pakistan.
Following the success of the Nursing Movement, she focused on women's physical well-being and took several steps in this regard.

They formed women's guards and took over the leadership of the organization. In most cities of Pakistan, girls were given military training. The girls who voluntarily offered themselves for this noble cause began to be trained in parades, military rules, early nursing, first aid in accidents, civilian rescue and social service training. Thirty-two thousand middle-class girls went north in the National Guard.
Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan majored in Economics and Economics, so she wanted to serve women through her education. He founded an organization with the aim of preventing profiteers from returning to the people. For this purpose, he established an association of charities in March 1948. Reestablishment of workmanship and demeanor.
Workers should be economically organized. To this end, many women devoted their support to Begum Rana in the supply of funds.
In June 1949, a Center for Domestic Products was established in Karachi. Some women volunteer to work at this center for free. The center soon became profitable. The profit was spent on other useful things.

Aid to women and TB hospitals Migrant children's schools were made a separate haven for aided artisans, which also had a hospital. Gul Rana Nusrat Center was established for women.
Begum Liaquat Ali Khan's greatest achievement is the creation and organization of 'Apuwa', the All Pakistan Association of Women. Because of this, her name will always live on in Pakistani history.
On February 22, 1949, from across Pakistan, he invited women who were doing useful and useful work in different walks of life. The community is not imprisoned. It has nothing to do with politics. The purpose of this association is the social, educational and cultural reforms of Pakistani women. It has branches in all four provinces of Pakistan and in several districts.
Several schools and colleges have been opened under the supervision of APUA, hospitals have been set up. The purpose of this organization is to properly train women.
He tolerated the martyrdom of Liaquat Ali Khan with great enthusiasm and continued his activities afterward. He was conferred on several high positions by the government of Pakistan. You were a very enthusiastic and talented woman. You have spent your whole life serving humanity, especially women.

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  1. I think most of us are raised with preconceived notions of the choices we're supposed to make. We waste so much time making decisions based on someone else's idea of our happiness - what will make you a good citizen or a good wife or daughter or actress. Nobody says, 'Just be happy - to be a cobbler or go live with goats.'


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