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Behzad and the King

Behzad and the king

Behzad and the King

This is a very old-fashioned mention. One was a hunter, but, he was not like the other hunters. He had never killed an animal in his entire life. He could not raise his hand to kill any living man. He just had a trap and a flute, on which he played very melodious melodies. He used to go to the forest daily, lay a net, and play a flute away from the net. The birds flocked to hear the fluttering sound of his flute. He waited and as soon as a bird came to his net, he would pull the rope and lock it in the net, then he would feed the bird, take care of them and hear their lovely sweet voices. Whenever he needed money, he would sell two or three of these birds.

The bird hunter had a son named Behzad. Behzad was still very young that the hunter fell ill and died. The money that Behzad and his mum had had was soon gone, and they had nothing to eat. Life started to get tough. Behzad was small, but very courageous and patient. Helping his mom at work, and in the time he got, he would go to the forest, where his bird was caught.

Finally, one day he said to his mother: "Amy, I am no longer a child. I am fifteen years old. You have worked hard after Abu. Now you bring me the net and flute of Abu. From yesterday I too. Go to the forest and catch the birds. " Her mum knew that she was a brave boy and she kept watching the forest, so they brought her flute and net.

The next morning, Behzad got up early and went to the forest. He was not afraid of anything or thought he would forget the path because he knew every single tree in the forest.

He went out into the deep forest to play the flute, but not a single bird came to him throughout the day. At dusk, when the darkness of evening began to spread, he returned home tired. Her mommy knew this would happen. It is not easy to catch a bird so that one can learn it in the same day, he comforted the son and explained: "Son, your father was not yet skilled at catching birds. Now you have a lot to learn Have to work hard. "

Behzad was not going to give up. He continued to do so consistently. Eventually, he was able to play beautiful melodies on the flute, hide himself from the birds, and sit quietly for a while, and the birds began to fall into his burning. One day a very strange and beautiful bird was caught in its web. It had seven colors on it. He came home happy and locked the bird in a cage. When he woke up the next morning, he was surprised to find that the bird had given a beautiful egg. The egg was also seven colors.

Behzad thought that these eggs should be sold in the market, so that some money would be available. When he reached the market with eggs, the shopkeeper saw him. The shopkeeper was very clever and greedy. His job was to deceive poor people and sell cheap things expensive. As soon as he saw the colored egg in Behzad's path, he immediately shouted: "Hey, do you sell this egg? I buy it."

Behzad knew that the shopkeeper was a bad man. Seeing his ingenuity and greed, Behzad said: "Yes, it is worth ten bucks!" Behzad was surprised to find that the clever shopkeeper did not try to lower the price of the egg and took it to him for ten rupees. Behzad bought the bargain and came home. The next morning he saw that the bird had given a similarly colored egg again. He also sold this egg to this clever shopper. In this way, he would give the birds a beautiful and colorful egg every day, and he would sell them and thus the mother and son would have fun.

One day Behzad got an idea of ​​what this clever shopper does by buying such expensive eggs. Must sell it at a much higher price. Thinking this, he followed the shopkeeper one day. The shopkeeper buys eggs and arrives at the palace, knowing that the shopkeeper buys eggs daily and sells them to the king at expensive prices. Behzad wondered why I should take the egg myself and go to the king and get more money. He did just that. The king gave him one hundred rupees of an egg. When the clever shopkeeper saw that Behzad no longer sold eggs to him, but went to the palace and sold it to the king, he became furious.

To teach Behzad a lesson, he went to the king one day and said: "King Salamat! Why do you buy such expensive eggs from Behzad? You can get these eggs for free. Behzad has a wonderful and beautiful case. The bird, which gives it the egg. You snatch the bird from it. You will have the egg and the bird for free. "

The king ordered Behzad to bring the birds immediately. Behzad understood that this was a mischief of a clever shopkeeper, because the king was so stupid that he could never think of where the eggs came from, but he was compelled, because he disobeyed the king and was severely punished. Could also give Behzad gave his bird to the king, but he did not give up. He picked up his flute and the net and went out into the forest. He played such a charming flute that the birds came out of the corners of the forest to come to him. Sometimes it is trapped in its web, sometimes dim or sometimes bubble. By selling them both mother and son began to live a happy life.

His eyes opened with noise. The noise was like it seemed like a thunderstorm was coming. The noise was approaching. He understood that the black giant was going inside the garden. He immediately went into hiding. Dev could not see it and passed near it. Behzad felt as if a mountain was passing through. The giant opened the garden door. Behzad stopped breathing, followed by his feet, and as he entered the garden, Behzad also went in and immediately hid behind a bush. He had to hide in the woods for a long time without being caught in the act of catching birds, a habit that worked a lot here. Dev didn't even know that someone had entered the garden behind him.

That garden was beautiful. There was such a strange flower in a strange color that many were amazed. It had birds that he had never seen before. Behzad was hiding there at night. In the morning the black giant came out again. He was probably looking for a victim. When the giant was gone, Behzad got out from behind the bush and started looking for a flower named Saman in the garden. He could see the birds there, just as he had given them to the king, but he did not know which flower was the summon. There were all kinds of flowers.

Walking around the garden, he saw a huge house. The giant lived in it. Behzad went inside. There were forty rooms in this house. Each room was better than the other, but there was no one in the whole house. When he finally arrived in the 40th room, he heard someone crying, but there was no one there. He felt the sound coming from under the carpet. When he picked up the carpet, there was a door on the floor. When he opened the door, the stairs were going underground. He went down the stairs and went in. Downstairs was a narrow and darkroom. The cry was loud. When Behzad looked carefully, a girl was seen in the dark, hanging in the air. Her long hair was tied to a ledge in the ceiling and she was crying. Seeing Behzad, she said: "Hey guys! How did you get here? Who are you? Get out of here right away. If the black giant arrives, he'll crush you."

Behzad said: "Don't worry. He's out. Tell us who you are."

"My name is Chanda. That devious man brought me up many years ago. I've been imprisoned ever since."

Behzad opened his hair and pulled it down. He asked: "Who are you and why and how have you come here?" Behzad tells the whole story of how he came looking for a summon flower and if the flower is not found, the king can harm his mother.

Chanda said: "I first planted a flower named Saman. If you take me out here, I will give you the summon. Then all the birds will come to you." He said that Kala Dev's stables also have sharp horses. Behzad went stubborn and opened two horses. Both boarded them. Chanda knew that pressing a stone into the garden opens the garden door. So both of them opened the door and the horses rode out.

Fleeing horses, the two reached the city of Behzad. Behzad's mother was not happy to see them both. He hugged them, fed them, then asked: "Tell me, the flower you went to get, whether you got it or not?"

Behzad asked: "Amy! When I went, I didn't tell you anything. How did you know I was going to get flowers?"

Amy said: "The king's soldiers come in daily and ask if Behzad has brought flowers."

So the king's soldiers came and asked: Did you bring flowers? "Before he could say anything in reply, Chanda said:" Yes. In a short while, he will carry flowers to the king himself. "When the king's soldiers left, Chanda took a knife and cut it into his finger. Two drops of blood went out and became flowers. Chanda said:" Dev He knew I could make salmon flowers like this, so he kept me in prison. Now take this flower to the king. "

When he reached the king with the flowers, the birds were sad, they stopped chatting. As soon as I saw the flowers, the birds died. They started talking again. The king was pleased. But the clever shopkeeper was shocked to see that Behzad succeeded again. He said to the king: "King Salaam! These flowers will be dead because they are not planted. Tell the Behzad that they bring the cement, which has flowers."

The king said: "That's right. Go back to the garden of the black giant and flush it with gold roses." Now, Behzad thought that both the king and the shopkeeper would taste evil. he said:

"Holy! These flowers do not grow in the garden of the black giant. They are in a city that is exactly like our city. It is also the name of our city. Those who die are those who die in it. Your father is the king of all the people who died long ago. When I came to this city to pick up the flowers and said in your name that I have asked for flowers, your father. Many cried and said, "Why can't my son come to see me? If I give you the plant, he will never come to see me. Take flowers now when he himself comes. I will give him a lot of money."I am sad. "

He then turned to the clever shopper and said: "And sir! Your father was there too. He has collected many gold coins for you there."

The crafty shopkeeper realized that Behzad was making plans to hang them, but the foolish king ordered: "Be prepared immediately. We will go there now."

Behzad said: "Come on! I will take you."

He took them and reached the bank of the river. On reaching the river, Behzad said: "The path to this city is at the bottom of this river. You jump into the river. Upon reaching the bottom of the river, you will stand there and count to a hundred. After counting a hundred. A door will open in the bottom of the river and you will enter this city. "

The stupid king agreed to jump into the river, but the crafty shopkeeper said: "Wait! This is a lie. If this is true, then he first jumps and gets into the city at the bottom of the river and goes there. Bring the semen flowers. Then we will obey and jump. "

"Yes, you're right, but I'm tired. If you allow me to rest tomorrow, tomorrow evening I'll show you the summons." Behzad said. They both agreed. All came back

Behzad went home. Chanda cut the finger and dried the blood droplets, then they became the flowers of the summons. Behzad also took the gold coins he had brought with him from the temple and reached the river. By boat, he crossed the river and hid everything in a bag on the other side in a tree. After doing this, he returned home.

The next morning everyone gathered at the river. Behzad told them to wait on the shore and jumped into the river itself. The darkness of the night was spreading, so when he reached the other shore, he stepped out and climbed the tree, so no one could see him. From there he took the bag and crossed the river. Reaching back to the shore, he gave the king a flower and a gold coin to the crafty shopkeeper: "Your father sent a gift to you and said that many coins are with me. If they come by themselves. So I'll give it my all. "

The shopkeeper's eyes were tearing at the sight of gold coins and greed blinded him. He immediately jumped into the river. Why the king stayed behind, he too jumped. People standing by the river waited a long time, but the two did not return. After a few days the bodies of the two were found floating in the water. In this way the king was punished for his foolishness and the shopkeeper for his cunning. After this, Behzad's life began to laugh.

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  1. The best servants of the people, like the best valets, must whisper unpleasant truths in the master's ear. It is the court fool, not the foolish courtier, whom the king can least afford to lose.


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