Face Skin protection

Skin protection

Face Skin protection

The summer season brings with it many difficulties, but the sun-soaked faces do not look as dull as they are, but sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to see them. If you want the face to look refreshed and refreshed in the summer, Learn how to make different masks With these masks the skin and face will look beautiful. Especially in summer!
If the skin on the face is clean and shiny, it will certainly look attractive to the face.
Many women own charming nose maps but still feel that they lack attraction or absorption. The reason is that they are unaware of an important blessing. Is given to us.
Regardless of the age of the skin, the skin will feel refreshed when taken care of, it helps to keep the mood in good shape.

Good mood also brings relief to the face. In the summer season, the skin is more damaged by sunlight! In the winter, the sun becomes the best friend of the skin. Use a mask accordingly so that the face can be cleaned and protected from wrinkles.
Many of the ingredients used in mask preparation can be easily found in the kitchen, so let's prepare the mask.

An egg mask for Skin protection
An egg mask is considered useful for most skin. Here's how to prepare it. Take one egg white and mix it with a few drops of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey and mix it well on the face. Lip it, soak the face in warm water after 20 minutes and clean the face. Useful to make the skin soft.

The best mask for dry skin can be prepared by taking an egg yolk and mixing it with a little almond or olive oil, apply thoroughly on the face and after 20 minutes, clean the face with cotton and warm water. If the skin is oily then it is also useful for the egg, such as adding a few drops of egg yolk to the lemon or orange.
Let this mask remain on the face for 20 minutes then wipe.

Honey damask for Skin protection
A honey mask is useful for bright and soft skin. Take a spoon of honey and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Use this mixture as a mask. Be sure that the mask needs to be cleaned with warm water and cotton. If the skin is lubricated, take honey and mix it with wheat flour and make a mask.
In addition, masks can be made by mixing water or milk in flour.

Molly's mask for Skin protection
Radish seeds can be easily found at the grocery store. Take a tablespoon of seeds and finely grind them, then use them as a mask in yogurt. Using it, the face is refreshed and refreshed.
Cucumber mask
Peel the cucumber and grind it finely and apply it on the face.
This mask relieves facial muscle relaxation.

Grapefruit mask for Skin protection
Peel the grapefruit. Finely grind the yellow part of the skin. Now add a tablespoon of flour and yogurt to it. Make a lap. After half an hour of lapping, rinse the face with warm water. Hit the splashy face of the face. That makes the face look charming and beautiful.

Skin protection

Potato commasque
Boil potatoes for greasy skin and grind finely. Mix a little milk in the potatoes and rub it on the face.

Basin mask for Skin protection
Take a teaspoon of food and mix the radish juice in it. The radish juice can be extracted through the lander. When the mask is dry, rinse the face with warm water and sprinkle water on the face.
The face will shine.

Joe's mask for skin protection 
Barley flour (crushed) two tablespoons, four drops of lemon juice, honey one-fourth teaspoon, fresh rose custom, almonds (crushed) three-digits. The bar should be applied to the face mask of flour, which prevents the growth of hair that grows on the face and gradually expires.
Make a thick paste by adding all the ingredients in the rose parchment, apply it on the face, remove it if dry, apply oil-free cold cream after washing the face.

Skin protection

Floral Mask for Skin protection
Strawberries double digits, banana half, basin one teaspoon, two to three tablespoons. Fruit mask is useful for women with all kinds of skin. Crush strawberries and bananas with a spoon.
Apply basin and milk in the face, apply it on the face, soak them in cucumber or rose petals to calm the eyes. Each will come out.

Peach mask for Skin protection
Peach half, tomato half, egg white one, three tablespoons of flour - this mask is more useful for women who have greasy skin.
Crush the peach, crush it with the tomato slices, mix all the ingredients in a pot, use peach and tomato two teaspoons, remove the mask with soaked cotton when dry, The solvent will close and the mail will be cleansed.

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