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You cannot deny the fact that makeup is a very fine art. It may be that God has given you a good look. But you do not know the makeup of the makeup. The beauty of makeup has turned into a flawless make-up. Makeup is actually a way to make you look beautiful and attractive. With the right makeup make-up, you can hide the flaws of your face and make the best of your face. Drawings can emerge.

In the past, the world-famous makeup artist has given women around the world their useful tips on makeup on a visit to Singapore. The same advice is available at your service.

Makeup for Asian women
Every class in the make-up felt that many Asian women do not use as much makeup as they do in Europe and the US.

The reason for this is that it discovered that it was caused by moist water. Due to this, the makeup on the face becomes sharp and sticky. To control this defect, it is advisable to use standard products at all times. According to the standard product, oils and peppers are also essential for spice-free diets and deep relaxation.

Face makeup
To keep makeup on the face, the skin of the face must be tightened.
An example of this is the tarpaulin that you can't paint on if it is shrinking from place to place. But it can be easily painted on a stretched tarp.
According to him, the trend of light and soft makeup is more in the nineties than fiery and flamboyant makeup. But that does not mean that you always have a soft and light makeup without knowing and understanding your facial skin. What to do

Color compatible in mackup
According to these expert opinion women of Pak-West who want to make their face color lighter through makeup. For them, they say that dark makeup is easily brown and the women here. Golden or golden harmony is more suitable for glass or white icing than.

Cheeks makeup
Like knowing the right shades for makeup, it is very important to know the right use of Blusher.
Blusher is something that creates glow in the face and eyes. Proper and balanced coating of cheeks with Blusher provides the results you are looking for makeup for. Blusher should be used with great skill. Otherwise, we would rather feel as if you have painted your face through Blusher instead of balancing it. On the contrary, women whose faces are slightly flatter and wider.
They should use the blusher under the eyes and move the blusher from the bottom to the palms.

Eyes makeup
Usually, Asian women have beautiful eyes. But Chinese women have round eyes and small eyes. They are advised to use a smile in makeup to make their eyes look beautiful.
Rather, make it a part of your daily makeup. Callus says that eye shadows can be ignored but do not ignore smiles. Smiles can make eyes appear beautiful and large. It is thought that the eyes of the flame are so big and beautiful. About which our poets have said that all fun is like wine.

Lips makeup
Lips play an important role in further enhancing the beauty of the face. Beautiful lips and rosy lips do not look good. Lip decoration should also be done with caution and gentleness. Hye turns her lips to her lips and swallows her lips, though to no avail.
Lipstick texture uses wax and oil. Therefore, if you have lips, it is not possible to use lipstick. Therefore, it is better if the lips are dry before using lipstick. Dry the powder, etc. so that the color of the lipstick will stick.
After applying the first coat, dry the lips again with tissue paper. Then apply the second coat of lipstick.
After the second coat, use a little powder again. Such lipstick color will last for a long time. One advice for Asian women is to avoid using yellow inclined lipstick. Their color is incompatible. Bright or luminous shades are more suitable for white women. In this article you are not given the full makeup method. How do you get better results by using the same approach?

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