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Serving parents and respect

Serving parents and respect

Serving parents and respect

Nowadays young children who are intimidating to their own parents, how will they respect any of the other elders? This is the only relationship in which greed is not absorbed, but sincere affection and affection are loved. Even if it is a service, one cannot suffer the nightmares of the mother. If viewed from the Islamic point of view, the most important of all the rights mentioned by Allah Almighty is parental rights.

This shows that there is no more relationship with parents than the parents.
We may all know the above or we have heard from the scholars in Friday sermons, but we are very worried at times and think in my heart that they will never disobey their parents. And they will not miss out on service and honor, but as soon as we leave the mosque, we forget everything and get lost in our own mobile phones when we get home or even start watching TV programs. Our old parents are alone or they need us.

Why do we forget that we too will become parents tomorrow and reach the age of old, so are we dealing with our parents today, will they not do the same to our children. If our parents are not able to spend time with them, we cannot afford to spend time with them. So tomorrow our generation will not have better and more innovative inventions than these mobile phones, in which they will be absolutely engrossed and on their way to our old age. The focus will not be at all.
At this point it would be possible for us to take a few moments to take care of us. What has happened to this young generation? Get some sense and get out of this race and look at the world of these mobile phones. How old are your parents right now and how much do they need you?
But it is very regrettable that today, only their own children confuse their parents and speak in sharp accents.

What kind of respect would such a child have for another elder? We often see in the markets that the elderly or even older of our parents appear to be begging and seeing what happens to them is heartbreaking. Weep tears and feel compassion for them, are they not human or are they not entitled to honor and respect?
Serving parents or treating them with morals is a process that requires no hard work or labor, because parents naturally love and respect humans, so to serve and honor them. The heart itself is inclined.
We just have to try and find a little time for parents and think that this process will improve our world and the hereafter. Our parents will never want us to do things that would upset us or make us work harder.
There is a small incident here. Let's say a laborer was working in the sun and his father was watching him and he said that the son should just stay and come in the shadows for a while, but he refused and said that no father. Had his father raised his younger son in the sun then the laborer immediately left the job and ran away. He picked up his son and took him to the camp and said, "Father, I am so in the sun." Why did you raise him? Then his father said, 'Son, like you have been hurt and hurt when your son is standing in the sun, so are you. Son and I suffer so much that you are working in the sun and in the heat.

Feel your parents for God give them a few moments. Talk to them about their needs. Maybe tomorrow's generation will think of us when we are weak. Children should listen to their parents carefully, When parents stand in respect and respect for them, when they order something, act promptly. Take care of both of them to eat and drink. Be kind to them with gentleness, goodness with them. Do not show favoritism to them.
Apart from parents, we should respect the elders of our locality and if we are traveling, if any elders see us standing then we should respect them and give them a place to sit. Even if a woman stands, it is our moral duty to respect and give them space. If an elderly beggar is found, if we cannot help him with some financial help, then we can at least respect him and say to him, "May Allah grant us all with our treasures, rather than ease our problems." That we may look at him with contempt or contempt and reproach him with disrespect.
Today, if we honor anyone today, our parents, our mothers, sisters, and daughter will have the same respect today.


  1. As my parents taught me, by both words and deeds, a life of public services is as much a gift to the person who serves as it is to those he's serving.

  2. I respect my parents a lot, so I try my hardest to be the best son I can.
    Parents need to teach their children principles of respect and acceptance.

  3. We all must have to respect our beloved parents Because same time coming to us.


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