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The future of a woman: marriage or profession?

The future of a woman

Future of a woman

Middle-class girls begin to think about the day they are born to get married or to seek a career. This is a simple question that every young girl faces. These girls have to deal with a big deal in pursuit of a career. There is a barrier to approach.

In fact, 21 percent of girls are married when they are eighteen and three percent are married at the age of 15. The most important moment for a girl is when she graduates from high school. It is uncertain that a girl's family will support her dreams of pursuing a professional degree. Girls who agree on the point of marriage, whenever and wherever their parents want them to get married, are labeled as obedient daughters.
Let us consider what will happen if you reject the above suggestion.

Look at this perspective when a girl chooses to pursue her passion and study before marriage, it is labeled as notorious or unfortunate.

When other young girls start to take a stand for it, society thinks of them as 'neutral'. If the family does not encourage the effort and refuses to pay the financial costs, the girl has to manage the cash from somewhere to meet her future goals.
It is acceptable to borrow money for weddings.

However, this is not considered acceptable when families want to borrow money to educate their children. Some people talk about or comment on women who should not bear the "burden" of educating themselves and pursuing their careers. They need to know that such desires are not uncommon and that in the real world, their education will be more important than their marriage.

Who thinks that they ignore her dreams and kill a woman? A woman's future is not just to stand in front of the stove and do housework. It needs to meet the bonus criteria, something unusual. God has created women in a way that will allow them to open in any field they want to join, whether it's a government official, an artist, an analyst, or a doctor.

We have to understand that if a woman needs to fulfill something for her dreams, she must have complete freedom to pursue her dreams. They are neither 'neutral' nor 'shameful'. Women are the true architect of our social fabric. We need to empower our women to liberate our society.

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