TikTak administration has started suspending accounts

Extremist content was being shared on entertainment applications

Tiktak is such a drug whose magic is spiraling. With the help of this social media app, there are so many such jobs that the mind is stunned. Here's how TickTalk, the famous TuckTalk star, turned out to be from the Foreign Office.
However, this app, made for humor and entertainment, was now moving towards extremism. There were also videos on TalkTalk that contained extremist elements, so now the TalkTalk administration has started closing all such accounts. - Social media mobile application tick talk has launched a massive crackdown against extremist content-sharing IDs.

The statement issued by Tuck Talk said that the accounts that were sharing videos promoting terrorism or extremism have been closed after being identified. The Talk Talk administration has confirmed that thousands have so far A number of videos have been deleted and 10 accounts suspended, the move aims to provide users with a safe environment.
The company claims that TalkTalk has become a worldwide app and its subscribers have exceeded 50 million. The TalkTalk administrator has confirmed that up to ten accounts have been monitored so far. They were subsequently suspended while others were identified as being monitored by experts. The management refrained from divulging the names of the suspended accounts and decided that according to their policy, the data of the users were not disclosed Could not provide.
TickTalk officials say the videos were deleted from the platform showed weapons while also encouraging extremism to other users. We are now making arrangements to share all accounts with extremist content. They are not going to be alone and if they are already built, then their fort may be destroyed as soon as possible.

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