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Who is to blame in the health sector?

health sector

Who is to blame in the health sector?

The looting market in the health sector is hot, which has worsened the sector, which has two reasons.
1 MBBS shortage of doctors
2 Prohibition of personal limited practice of paramedics

By starting a small business with a home-based business in any field, you can start your job and earn your education, while admission to a medical college is required after completing your FSC to become an MBBS Doctor. And you must attend college for five years
For which there is big merit, students who do not get admission to the government medical colleges on the basis of merit, then they go to private colleges because even those with low numbers get admission easily.

The five-year fee of private colleges is 50 to 90 lakhs which no poor can earn a lifetime.
Poor student children are thus deprived of their rights
In our country, a dispenser supports a doctor by doing a one-year course, even in a developed country like the US where doctors do not have paramedics working in the area, whereas in our country one-year course dispenser is called as eighty doctors. This same etiquette like a specialist doctor in our DHQ, THQ, RHC, and BHU also prescribe the prescription, but after the government hospitals, this qualified dispenser opens his private clinic. It is a pity that there is no price control in the country The MBBS doctor at the government hospital is not charging at least 500 rupees in his private clinic while the specialist doctors fee is thousands of rupees and the medicine that he has to buy from the medical store is Rs. 700 per day while the laborer is qualified. Doctors are not willing to listen to the poor in their public hospitals. If a poor man goes to a public hospital to get fever medicine, it means that at least the time taken to get the medicine by inspecting his heavy intake by slip. 3 hours while the labor time starts at 7am and our government hospitals At 8 pm, ie, if one takes Rs 60 to 70 medicine from a government hospital, he has to wash his hands with 700 rupees. By the government, there is a BHU hospital at the level of every union council which has office hours. Even then LHW, Lady Health Workers are present in their homes with First Aid Medicine but sadly they also get nothing but paracetamol, folic acid and condoms while the same paracetamol is present in every house.

Until recently, steroids and antibiotics were viewed with disgust, but today, in addition to relaxing and boosting the ranking of our private clinics, these five-year-old trained doctors double to triple antibiotics in a bid to get commissions from medical stores. Do not refuse to give even if no triple is required, as in the case of injection ceftriaxone sodium is an essential ingredient while in tablets, anoxic saline, ceftriaxone, and cephaczyme, etc. are required.

On one hand, the government has declared crackdown against thieves, while on the other hand, these MBBS doctors are silent on misconduct and illicit income, but they are protected under the guise of Punjab Healthcare Commission. Achieved because no one with dispensers and other short health courses can do personal practice which has left many weeks, which has resulted in people starting to use drugs personally which is astonishing. What is the least dispenser to learn a course, drip, inject and urinate during a year in the hospital Besides, many medicines have been practiced in the hospital by practicing doctors, so the government has to think about these paramedics, otherwise the poor are the enemy of their health?

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  1. Universal coverage, not medical technology, is the foundation of any caring health care system.
    America's health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.


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