A 34-year-old man looks like a baby after a Head Injury

A 34-year-old man looks like a baby after a Head Injury

A 34-year-old man looks like a baby after a head injury

Smaller than her age may seem good, but for a 34-year-old man from Central China, looking like a young child has become a nuisance. Were His head was struck by a stone while playing with other children. No blood had come out of his head but his parents said he had been suffering from fever for three days after that.

When Zhu was taken to the hospital, doctors discovered that he had a blood clot in his brain. The doctor underwent emergency surgery and drained the frozen blood. After that, Zhu's condition recovered and life began to go on as usual. When Zhu was 9 years old, her parents saw that their son looked much younger than his peers.

In fact, after the accident, the zoo did not grow.

34 year old manZhu's parents took him to a regional hospital for checkup. Doctors said after a number of tests, Zhu's rectum was affected by a pituitary gland injury. These glands in the brain excrete hormones that have a profound effect on growth. Even after two decades, the baby's shape is similar to that of a baby. There is no puberty on his face. Their voice is like a baby.
They have to convince strangers to be their adult, which they find difficult. Since their body is not fully mature, they cannot marry nor have children. Zhu said that they were mentally but not physically mature, so they could not be married. Zhu and doctors do not know what to do in such a situation. Zhu has opened a barbershop to earn some money for himself. They also tell people about their condition. They say in a childlike voice that their friends will grow old. Shades will fall on their faces, but they will remain young forever.

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