Pimple and Male duck

Pimple and Male duck

Pimple and Male duck

In the dry shrubs outside the forest there were two ducks in the dry shrubs, male and female. Male feathers were white. While Pimple's beige. The male was a very intelligent, intelligent and responsible duck while Pimple was a reckless and stupid duck.

One day Knur thought we should have a home too. When it rains we get soaked in the rain. Cold in the winter. The sun burns us in the sun. There is always the risk of large animal attacks.
If we become home, we will be protected from the harshness of the seasons and the danger of animals.
He shared his idea with Pimple and told him: "Omple! Help me build a house.

If you catch me with straw and shrubs, I will join them.

In this way, we will become a very good home. ”
Pimple said: "Baba Na, this does not work for me. You give up the idea of ​​building a house, it's a big deal. It is better that we occupy a built house. There will be no hang-ups and we will not find a home.
The narrator said: "The Louviers has never happened. How can we find a house?"
"Why not get it," Pimple said sarcastically. "Kathy the hen has built such a beautiful house on the slopes of the forest. We will take her out and take her home."
Otherwise, the bubble rabbit will take away from the barn that is built in the barn. "
The narrator said: "No Pimple! This is not a good thing why should we occupy something that is laboriously created. We need to build our own home.
Pimple said: "Then make you home alone, I'm so hungry I'm going to the jungle to eat something." She left the male and headed for the forest. Noor kept watching him go by surprise. He was very upset with Pimple's behavior.
Then she decided that I dare. He began to collect dry bushes and straws. She would pick up a straw, attach it to the slick, and bring a dry shrub and attach it to the straw. Thus began to become a house with a single straw.

The male remained in his work till evening. By evening, the house had become a beautiful place, but the men became tired and tired. When Pimple returns from the war in Syria, he will be surprised to see the house ready. She became a shareholder in the making. The male didn't say anything to her. She was tired and would sleep quietly.
Pimple did not change his ways even with this good attitude of the male. She remained reckless and ill-mannered. Throughout the day she would wander around. In the evening, the addictive house would return to the mud of the pond. Sometimes I would fight with animals. They didn't even lay their eggs.
If you go to the jungle, you would leave the egg there. Sometimes they lay eggs on the banks of the pond and the wells break their eggs. Sometimes the boys coming from the town would carry eggs. If the narrator had understood her, she would have heard him from one ear to the other.

This is how the days will go. One evening, on the bank of the canal and pimple pool, they were teaching themselves that from above they saw a glowing object coming towards them. Pimple looked at him and said to Nur: "Nur! Behold, a star is coming down to the earth. I grab her and then we take her home.
With this shining star, our house will stay bright at night. ”
Having said that, he ran behind the shining object. The knight shouted: "Stop, Pimple!" It is not a star, even if the stars have come down to earth. It's Tokyo Jango. "
But Pimple didn't listen to him and kept shouting.

The shining thing behind which Pimple ran was really Jango. The light was scattered towards the forest. Pimple opened the limelight and was running away. Upon reaching the jungle, Jango disappeared from the view of the bushes and trees, and Pimple wandered through the darkness.

For a while, she kept looking for Jango, then disappointed she returned and forgot the way. At that point, the clouds began to fall in the sky and then the droplets dropped. Now Pimple is very nervous. She started to run around like crazy. It rained fast.
The rainwater had made the place muddy. Pimple's feet began to sink into the mud. Suddenly the rains will intensify and the wind will move faster. This intense storm set everything back upside down. The branches of the trees began to break down.
Pimple sometimes drifts from the sharp breeze of the air. She was trapped in the darkness in the swamp. Meanwhile, she was afraid all night that the pimple would not go into the lake or fall into the swamp in the rainwater. She kept praying that God or Pimple return with goodness.
He turned his eyes to pray. When she woke up in the morning, the light was spreading everywhere. The rain had stopped. She left home and went in search of Pimple. The rain was standing everywhere. She went to the lake running in mud and water.
The knight searched her everywhere but did not find anything of Pimple. He scrutinized all the shrubs of the jungle peeking behind the big rocks along the lake, but Pimple didn't see it. She turned to the swamp, looking for help. Suddenly, she noticed something shining in the mud as she approached and saw that Pimple had fallen into the mud.

After seeing her unconscious, she first realized that Pimple might have died, but then breathing on her left her alive. He straightened the pimple, cleaned the mud with his wings and then opened his eyes. The tears in his eyes when he saw the knight.
The new support brought her home. Pimple came homesick. The nurse kept preparing for it. A week later Pimple was fine.

Pimple and Male duck

Pimple has changed a lot. Pimple learned a lot from the misery she was suffering from. Now she admits to everything she has done When she finds an animal in the forest, she says to him: "Dear friend! Stars do not land, and stars are valuable friends who work in difficult times. "

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