The King search for the wise minister

The King search for the wise minister

The King search for the wise minister

It has been a long time that the minister of a just king of a country has died. That minister was a very wise and good man, who gave good advice to the king for the good of the concession. The king loved him very much and I was very confident.
The king was very sorry for his death. Not only the king but the people of this country were also grieving the death of the minister. Will make any wise man a minister.

The king used to go out at night to find out the status of his concession, with a loyal servant of his. In this way, he himself became aware of the circumstances of the country and how his concessions made him think of his country and the king.

One night, as he was passing through a city street, a man was struck by darkness.

The king asked: Who are you and what are you doing here at night?
The man replied: I am a gentleman of this city and teach the fools to make fools. I have no fear of thieves because I have nothing for thieves.

The king turned around and reached his palace, and the next day he ordered that everyone in the city should come out with a lamp in his hand at night. If he does not do so, he will be severely punished.
A few days later, the king was passing through the city at night when he was struck by a man.
The king was very angry and asked who you were and what are you doing here at the moment?
Sir, I am an honorable man of this city, and teach the fools the wisdom. The king recognized that he was the same person who had broken up a few days ago.

Have you not heard the command of the king, that every man should come forth with a lamp in his hand at night? You have not obeyed the king's decree, so you will be severely punished.
I have a lamp in your hand, you can see.
The man replied.
But why is it not bright? The order of the king is only that everyone should carry a lamp in his hand. It is not ordered that it has oil and it should be bright.
The king was surprised to see him.
The man then said: I think there is a famine of wise ministers in the king's court, or else he would pay attention to King Salam before making such an order. My prayer is that God grant peace to our king, a wise man.

The king was very embarrassed to hear this. He started walking with the man and got personal information about him in the words.
The king asked: What have you done?
Besides, I teach a lot of books that can make a human being wise and make him a successful human being. My teacher told me that if a person understands and considers Gulistan and Bostan, one day He can become a wise man and find a place in the court of a king.
While talking, the house of this wise man came and he was discharged. The king made a mind of his house and locality and went back to his palace.
The next day the king ordered his royal men to present this wise man with honor.

The king was delighted to hear his talk and wise words and made him his minister. This minister gave good and useful advice to the king. The king ordered that all the people of the city be provided free lamps and oil and There was a lamp in the street to light the night.
The king ordered that besides the teachers, everyone in the city should read the books of Shaykh Saadi Shirazi, Gulistan Wobastan. And have been translated into almost all the languages ​​of the world. By reading these you can definitely enhance your intellect.

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