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Make money at Fiverr

earn money from fiverr

Earn money from Fiverr

How Fiverr Works For Sellers

Well, the ranking process is handled by Fiverr's proprietary algorithm, which looks at different "quality signals" in order to determine which gigs deserve visibility over others. (I know, that was a mouthful. But stick with me.) While there's no public record of what this algorithm looks at, most established Fiverr sellers would agree that it boils down to four fundamental signals...

Attract visitors

Engage prospects

Convert leads

Fulfill: order

Steps for Promoting Gigs to earn money from fiverr

1. Hack Your Gig Title To Get A More Shareable URL

Ever looked at your Fiverr gig URL? For 99% of sellers, it'll probably look something like this: This URL is actually generated from your gig title the moment you hit publish on a new gig. It can also never be changed.

2. Use Keyword Modifiers To Get More Exposure On New Gigs

I'm a strong believer that when it comes to naming your gigs... shorter, punchier gig titles are the way to go. In the early weeks (and sometimes months) of a new gig, however, you'll likely struggle to get much visibility as Fiverr slowly gathers data on your gigs performance.

3. Eliminate Competition By Niching Down Your Gigs (The Right Way!)

This might seem like another angle on the last tip, but it's different in the sense that it actually changes your gig's fundamental offer. Most people understand the idea of niching down — in that you're targeting a smaller subset of a bigger market — but few people (especially on Fiverr) seem to execute on this properly.

4. Leverage Your Fiverr Username For A Boost In Search Visibility

If you haven't already started your Fiverr account, or you plan to create a new one for whatever reason, these ones for you. (If you do have an existing account, just skip ahead.) As you've probably guessed by now, Fiverr is heavily reliant on keywords to understand the nature of a gig, whether these words appear in your gig title, description, or tags. What you may not know about this, is that Fiverr caps the number of times you can mention your keyword in your gig.

5. Move Away From $5 Gigs & Raise All Your Package Prices By At Least 50%

If there's one counter-intuitive truth I've learned from my time as a freelancer, it's that charging more money doesn't necessarily cost you sales. In fact, from many of my own "experiments", I've actually found the opposite to be true. Yep, sales increased when I raised my rates. (I've written about this phenomenon before in my Upwork pricing post, and the same principles apply on Fiverr.)
Here's the thing: While you can technically charge as little as $5 for your services, Fiverr has been actively moving away from the $5 marketplace model, and most buyers today will only expect to see that as an absolute minimum.

6. Encourage People To Favorite & Share Your Gigs For A Cheeky Boost In Rankings

You can favorite any gig with a click of a button, either from the search results page or the gig page itself. (As a side note, I actually use this a lot when I'm doing gig research, so I can quickly refer back to gigs I'd like to emulate myself.) The fact that there's a counter on this metric indicates to me that Fiverr uses this as a quality signal, so always encourage people to favorite your gigs... even if they don't place an order.

7. Prevent Negative Feedback With This (Almost) Bulletproof Script

Not so long ago, refunding a client would automatically remove any feedback left by that client, including a negative review. While this was a reasonable trade-off for sellers to maintain ratings on their profile, it didn't exactly leave buyers with an accurate/reliable scoring system. In 2017, Fiverr put an end to all that.

earn money from fiverr

The update meant that once a review is left by a client, it cannot be changed or removed unless it breaks terms of service or the client is willing to modify it — even if you issue a refund. (Personally, I don't think this is the direction Fiverr should be taking to solve the issue, but I digress...) In response to the change, Fiverr sellers now need to be a lot more proactive when it comes to client satisfaction. The trick is to set the right expectations in your delivery message. (As in, the message you send with your attached deliverable.)

8. Inject New Gigs With Targeted Traffic To Generate Engagement

As you know, engagement is one of the fundamental quality signals that determine which gigs rank where on Fiverr. Engagement being anything from:


Social shares

Direct messages

(Basically, anything that pulls someone out of "browsing mode" and gets them to take a specific action.)

9. Create Gig-Specific Bonuses To Boost Client Satisfaction On A Budget

If all you take away from this article is to give an unexpected bonus on every order you get, it'll be worth the weeks I spent writing it. Seriously, this is one of the easiest ways to over deliver and get clients singing about your services. The reason most people don't do it, however, is that it can be too expensive and time-consuming to come up with a bonus for every new order — especially when you're only making a few bucks on it.

10. Build Up Your Profile Authority To Lift Your Entire Gig Portfolio

This one follows the same principle as the last... with a key twist. While gig authority represents the overall "ranking power" of a gig, profile authority applies at the account-level. It represents your ability to not only get people clicking the buy button, but to also deliver a quality service, on-time and to each and every client's unwavering satisfaction.
Fiverr gauges this through the same quality signals I've been banging on about throughout this entire article.

Reference: thefreelanceeffect.com


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