Top 10 free Woocommerce Plugins

Top 10 free Woocommerce Plugins

Top 10 free Woocommerce Plugins

Visit My top 10 free Woocommerce plugins. For e-commerce stores, these must be our first WordPress plugins. Here are our top 10 WooCommerce plugins we recommend for WordPress e-commerce stores.

1 Free Woocommerce Plugin: Meta Slider

Meta Slider is a great way to showcase the products you are selling to potential customers. Meta Slider is a simple and easy-to-use plugin for adding an image slider to your site.

2 Free Woocommerce Plugin: Smart Cell Badge

Smart Cell Badge This simple plugin replaces cell badges on your website. By default, sales badges are just "sales". By installing this plugin, Cell Badges will note how much money a user is saving (for example - "Save 10"). This helps make your sales badges look more attractive.

3 Free Woocommerce Plugin: WordPress Currency Switcher

WordPress Currency Switcher This free plugin allows users to switch between two currencies so they can see how much their money will cost. If you want to switch between more than two currencies, you will need to upgrade to the Premium Plugin.

4 Free Woocommerce Plugin: Stripe Bar

Stripe Bar is a fantastic free plugin that allows you to accept credit card payments on your website. By accepting payments in your store, you'll increase your conversions - which means you'll make more sales and more money. Although the plugin is free, you will still need to pay the transaction fee. For every sale you make, you'll need to pay 2.9% plus 30% fees per transaction. To use Stripe, you will need an SSL certificate on your website because it is required to accept credit card payments on a domain name/site. This is an additional cost for web hosting/domain purchases. If you do not wish to pay for this additional purpose, you may accept PayPal payments without an SSL certificate.

5 Free Woocommerce Plugin: Checkout Address Suggestion

Checkout Address Suggestion When you install this plugin, this will happen when the user is typing their address details into the checkout page, Will use to suggest potential addresses. If the user clicks on one of the addresses, it will automatically complete their address form. There are two advantages: 1) It reduces typing errors, which reduces the likelihood that the item will be sent to the wrong address. 2) This will speed up the checkout process and reduce the discharge of the cart. This will increase cart abandonment and sales (which is why other sites like Amazon have implemented this feature at their checkout).

6 Free Woocommerce Plugin: Direct checkout of WooCommerce

Direct checkout of WooCommerce Usually when a user adds an item to their cart, they will be taken to the cart page. From there, the user can then choose to go to the checkout page. With this plugin, you can change it so that the customer will automatically switch to the checkout page. This speeds up the checkout process, decreases the dropout rate.

7 Free Woocommerce Plugin: WooCommerce Checkout Manager

WooCommerce Checkout Manager This free plugin lets you add additional fields to your checkout page, such as choosing a calendar date. This is great if you are selling products where the customer has to stay home to collect distress, such as unhealthy food.

8 Free Woocommerce Plugin: Pricing Deals

Pricing Deals With this plugin, you can deal with 2 types of prices in your store: * Bogo deals (get one), in bulk goods or purchases. Discounts For those who spend a certain amount (such as a $ 10 rebate if you spend $ 100).

9 Free Woocommerce Plugin: MailChimp

MailChimp This plugin is fantastic for creating an email list because it will include a tickbox (which is the default) that will allow users to enter the email newsletter series. Buyers will make. As long as you have 2,000 e-mail subscribers and send less than 12,000 e-mails a month, MailChimp is free to use.

10 Free Woocommerce Plugin: WooCommerce Email Exporter

WooCommerce Email Exporter This plugin lets you export all of your user's emails in a spreadsheet. Saving your user's email addresses is great as a backup, as well as making it easy for your users to be separated into different email lists.

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