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Amazing trips of Gulliver

Amazing trips of Gulliver

Amazing trips of Gulliver

First trip: Lily Pitt's journey
My name is Gulliver. I belong to a gentleman family in northern England. My father was a farmer. On their little land, our whole family lived. We were five brothers. I was the youngest. Our parents loved us very much. They had a strong desire to get an education, but the expenses were increasing day by day and I felt I had to do something. I left school and went looking for a job. I got a job on a ship "Anti Loop".
The anti-loop captain's name was PreChild. In May, the ship sailed south. Our destination was the islands called the East Indies. It was normal for the waves to rise due to strong winds in the sea. One day, it was so fast that it pushed the ship to another site, and we landed north of Van Damien Land (Tasmania). In this storm, the sailors had to work constantly. There was no shore. Twelve of our men died of hard work and poor diet. One day there was a heavy downpour. Not far away, nothing was visible. Yet one of our men noticed a rock. The captain tried hard to save the ship from the rock, but the wind hit the ship. There was also a hole in the ship's bag. Our six men boarded a boat, but what happened was a disaster. He overturned the boat.
I don't know what happened to the rest of my teammates. Maybe they were drowned, but the waves were taking me up. I tried to put my feet down to see if the ground was close, but the feet did not appear on the ground.


I was in the same struggle and repeatedly feared that death was imminent. Suddenly my feet started to land. Now the wind had stopped. For a kilometer I walked in the water. Then came the dry land. At that moment, my soul came to life. It was seven o'clock in the evening. I was tired Still, he courageously went ahead. I did not see a man or a town. Anyway, I wasn't fully aware of the exhaustion. In one place, a deep sleep fell asleep on the soft grass.

Little Soldier

I think I slept for nine hours. The sun was coming out that opened my eyes. I was lying down. I tried to stand up, but couldn't. I see my hands and feet are tied with cords. My long hair was also tied with cords. I looked up and saw that the cords were very fine and they were wrapped around my body in thousands and I was tied so that I could not move.
I was lying The sun was directly on my eyes. Then I heard a noise, but did not see anything. Now it looks like ants are ringing all over my body. It also came on my face. When I tried to look carefully, they looked at me as a man, a total of 5 cm long. The person I saw was wearing a soldier's uniform. Then forty-five such soldiers arrived.

I was hit by arrows

As I watched it all, I suddenly woke up happily. They all fled in fear. (Later I was told that several others were injured in the fight). After a while they climbed on my body again. A dwarf that came close to my face. He raised his arm and said loudly, "Hakina double."
Others responded, "Hokina? Double Hokina?"

I did not understand what they were saying. I forcefully lifted one arm from the ground. Then raised his head too. Now it was discovered that they had tied my hair with their nails to the ground. A severe headache started. I tried to catch these men, but they escaped. Then the noise was heard. With the noise, it felt like thousands of needles were touched in my arms. They were actually shooting arrows at me. Several small arrows penetrated my clothes, but I didn't feel any problem. Some men were floating in the sky, coming down to my face. They started to hurt my face. I was afraid that no arrows would enter my eyes. I covered my face with my hands.

The little creature made a table

Then I thought it was okay to stick to the night. I will rid myself of these cords when it is dark. I was in no danger of being such a small creature, but man thinks something is and something happens. Archery also stopped when I was quiet, but the number of creatures increased dramatically. I heard something near the ear. See, they were making a table of wood. The table was 4 cm high (about 3 inches) high. There could be four little men standing on it. When the table was ready, the four little men climbed on it. One of these men was older than the others. He was wearing a beautiful and long coat. The coat was taken by a boy who was standing behind him. The long coat said, "Langaru Dehl San."
The guy with the long coat
Forty men went on hearing this. They cut the cords on the other side of my head. Now I could turn my head around and look at these people. Then the man in the long coat started speaking. He was speaking fluent and with his hands he was pointing. For a long time he kept talking. I didn't understand their language, but my guess was that he was saying that if you obey our order, We will not hurt you, and if we try to run away, we will kill you. I raised my hand, eyes turned to the sky and tried to explain to them that I understood what you meant and I would never do such a thing. Then I pointed to my mouth to tell them that I was hungry.

Food and drink management

The guy with the long coat understood what I meant. He ordered the soldiers and shortly afterward a hundred men marched on my body and brought food to my mouth. These things were sent by the king because my arrival was reported to him. There was nothing bigger than the size of a bird in the diet, but it looked like they had baked cows and sent them. There were chickens equal to lentils. I used to make two syllables and they were amazing. After tasting the food, I asked for water from the gestures. He brought a pot full of milk and poured it into my mouth. I asked for more. They brought another vessel, but now they had no milk left. He was so happy to see me eating and drinking that he held a dance concert on my body and kept shouting "Hakina Daigle" out loud.

King's letter
When they were jumping on my body, I once thought I could catch thirty-forty men and hit the ground. Then he thought that he wouldn't hurt me by bringing something dangerous, so he kept quiet. Although I was a giant in his eyes and I had one hand free, his bravery is worthy of having him parade on my body without fear.
After that came a big personality. He was accompanied by a number of men who wore fine clothing. He climbed onto my body and came close to my eyes. He had a letter. For a while, he kept saying something. During the conversation, he pointed northwest several times. I was later told that he was pointing to his city, which was about a kilometer away. Perhaps he had said that the king's order was to take me to the city.
I told gestures that I should be left open. The man understood what I meant, but insisted that I be picked up. I'm getting quiet. Seeing that, the big personality was overjoyed. Then hundreds of people came. They were chanting the slogan "Peplum Ceylon". They cut the cords on one side of my body. Apply something on my face such as oil or ointment that relieves body aches. Later I learned that they had given me sleep medicine, so I got back to sleep and I slept for eight to nine hours.

Big rod
When the little creature reported my arrival to the king, he ordered at the same time to take me to the city. The king told them to make a large oven. They already had tree trunks and boats to take to the sea. They assembled a raft and built a raft. The raft was some two meters long and three centimeters high. Twenty-two wooden wheels were underneath it. The train left the city four hours after my arrival on the island and arrived here during my sleep. This is what they were chanting for Peplum Ceylon. Eight hundred men picked me up and hung me on it. This happened during my sleep and it took three hours. Then the king's fifteen hundred horses began to drag him. The distance to the city was one kilometer.
The journey started after four hours. It was night on the way. Five hundred men were guarding one side of me and five hundred on the other so that if I tried to run away, they would stab me with their arrows.
The next morning the caravan went again. By noon, we reached a distance of 7 meters from the city. The king came to see me. He approached me and started to look at me, but the movements of his advisers were convinced that it was not fitting for him to climb my body.
The place where the raft fleet was kept. There was the country's largest temple, but it was not used as a temple for many years. Now he was chosen to be me. The gate was one meter high and one meter wide. I had to bend in or sit in it. They had already made a shackle. She was thrust into one of my toes. It was accompanied by a one-meter long chain.

The life of Lily Pitt
Early the next morning, I got out of my house. The whole country was glowing. The largest tree was not even two meters tall. It looked like it was a picture of a children's book, not of their city. There was a house six meters away from my house and a road in the middle. I was busy with the atmosphere that the king appeared to come with several nobles and women. Then they all climbed onto the roof of the front house so they could see me. After some time the king came down and came to me on his horse, but the horse used to duck. The horse looked as if a mountain was standing in front of him. The king was a horseman. He controlled the horse. Then his paws came and he got off the horse. He started circling around me, but he kept at a distance.


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