How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

The first thing you need to do is check out affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you pay other people to market your product or service. And the beautiful part about affiliate marketing is you only pay them for every time they drive a lead or a sale. And you can pick which one it is.
Learning how to make passive income with affiliate marketing has had huge impact for us at Primal post, and affiliate income has now become one of our primary revenue streams generating tens of thousands of dollars per month.

It’s by no means a way to ‘get rich quick’, but it is the ultimate solution to build sustainable passive income the SMART way, and it works in almost any niche!

Researching the history of affiliate marketing

Anyone can build a successful affiliate marketing website on any niche, and I'm going to talk about how I chose the niche, so the overall plan, right? Choose a niche of products that people are searching for and that search volume is going up over time. You look at Google trends to see that it's a thing that's trending right and people are trying to figure out which one is the right one for them because I can meet these people with a piece of content and we're putting up two types of content. Number one is informative content. The informative content is what we're going to use for backlink building. This does not promote specific products. Normally it might here and there it just talks about the different things you need to know about in the world of what I'm working with right within this niche.

Then the second is review based content. Review based contents are specific reviews. The best cheap, this, the best that the best for under a hundred dollars, the best for under $500. All of those keyword phrases that people search when they're ready to purchase those. Those are review based content and I'm not going to really build links to that cause people don't like linking out to those types of posts, but those posts are going to rank on Google and essentially people will read the posts, they'll click through, they'll go to Amazon or whatever, whatever vendor I link them to that has the best deal they'll purchase. I will earn a commission for connecting that individual with what they wanted by a piece of content. So, this is overall research plan.  

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Research each affiliate program you consider joining

Research each affiliate program you consider joining so that you will understand how and when you'll be paid. As I'll discuss below in detail.

Look at the product (affiliate marketing product).

Look at the commission structure of the affiliate program's product.

Look at your skills and abilities to promote this product.

Look at On-time payments

Look at Payout Method

Look at Cookies Length (Standard cookie length are 30-60 days).

Buy the products you intend to market so you can personally attest to the quality

Buy the products you intend to market so you can personally attest to the quality, there are three main things that i evaluate when i'm looking at an affiliate program product.

Step# 1, i look at the product. is the product something that i currently use, or i could see myself using?

Step# 2, i look at the commission structure. as a rule, i tried to make the most money i can with the least amount of effort. this is one of the reasons why i do not participate in many affiliate programs for physical products. in most cases, the commission's for a sale of a physical product is much less than the commission for selling a digital product, and many digital products also offer recurring payments. so with the same amount of effort as it takes to get 1% of a small sale, you can get 35% or more of a big sale and get paid every month, or the same amount of work.

Final step, the next criteria i look at is how or in what way, not this product. do i have the skills and abilities to promote this product? can i come up with a strategy and plan for promoting this product? what is that strategy? if i can't come up with a very solid way to promote the product and earn money from the work, i have no business participating in the affiliate program.

Does the product provide value to the customer and would i be proud to tell the world that i recommend this product to other people. do i have any personal knowledge about the company? before i move on about the affiliate product details or program, i first have to establish whether or not i would want to be connected to the product. if the answer is no, then i don't do any more evaluation because i'm not going to promote a product that is bad or hurts people even if i can make money doing it.

Build a blog  for promoting your affiliate links

1. Choose a Blogging Platform
2. Set Up Your Domain Name and Hosting
3. Install A WordPress Theme
4. Install WordPress Plugins

Always disclose your affiliate relationship

You must have to Build Relationships. This is a key feature in affiliate marketing. You have found your audience, you know what they want and need. Who do they share the most, or talk about with others? These are the influencers in your industry and they will have the most impact on the people in which you are trying to place your product in front of. Relationship marketing and influencer marketing are essential to affiliate marketing. It is important to have great working relationships with influencers in your niche, so they can talk about your product to people who will find it relevant.

Don't rely on SEO or social media alone to drive Traffic

Affiliate marketing is popular because it allows the little guy to compete with the large corporations without needing tons of cash.

Here's how you market your affiliate marketing website with new skills method.

First: Go to Quora and search for all of the questions that people have within your space and answer them. When it makes sense, link back out to your website. This is so effective that my Quora profile gets hundreds of thousands of views each month.

2nd: Create content in different formats like text, video, & audio etc and promote them on the social web (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Quora). You can post the same content on multiple social sites. When using this tactic make sure you only put part of your content on social media and more and make the readers click over back to your site to read the rest.

3rd: Google for forums within your space and respond to questions. Within your forum response add a signature that lists your website. The better response you give the more traffic you will get.

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Make Mobile Part Of Your Strategy

As you already know, mobile marketing is all the rage. More and more people are using their phones to purchase, opt in, and get their daily dose of content. In fact, Affiliate World Asia 2016, concluded that mobile use would be the future in affiliate marketing trends and that has proven true in 2019.
There’s still a place for even more affiliate marketers who need to get started with their mobile marketing strategy. You can do this by investing in getting traffic through mobile devices and placing advertisements on mobile apps.

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