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Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Moving from blogger to WordPress

Start moving from Blogger to WordPress site. Steps you need to follow with timestamp 1 Save your Blog's content into a file means create a backup file of your contents. Launch a New WordPress site - Import Blogger Content to WordPress -  Extras: - Change Website's look using Themes - Redirect your Old Blogger Links To Your New WordPress Site.

Step 1: Save your blog's content into a file First, go to your Blogger Dashboard and make sure that your blog is selected. Then Go to - Settings - Other. Click the Backup content option and choose "Save to your Computer". Now the blog content will be downloaded to your computer in a file.

Step 2: Launch a New WordPress Site To get started, first click the link - https://pk.godaddy.com/
Now for launching a New WordPress site, you need to do three things: First, pick a name for your website by doing a name search in the box and click 'check availability'. If available go ahead and confirm it. You can choose anything like - theimk.ml, or .in, or .net, etc. But choose always Top level domain name.
Now, the next step is to get Hosting and Domain. Hosting is the place where your website's files get stored and Domain is the name of your website. So, get your hosting with free domain (by paying 99 rupees per month for a One Year Plan) and once you've completed the purchase, you can then continue.
Next is the Installation of WordPress. Go to your hosting account and click "add site" Then, select your domain and create a WordPress Login by entering a username and password. This login details will be used to logging into WordPress. After the WordPress Installation is complete, you'll then be taken to your WordPress Dashboard. Now, to visit your WordPress Dashboard again, you can just type engrizhar.com (yoursite.com)/login. Also, your website will now be LIVE, so to check it, just enter your domain name in the web address.

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Step 3: Import Blogger content to WordPress.
Go to your WordPress Dashboard, again. Then go to Tools - Import option. Since we are importing blogger content, Click 'Install Now' button, next to the Blogger. Once installed, click 'Run Importer'. Once done, upload the backup file which you downloaded from Blogger and then, click "Submit" to start the import. Now, all the blogger content will be imported into WordPress. You can verify this, by entering your domain name and checking the content.
Change the Website's Look Using Themes: From your WordPress dashboard, go to 'Themes". Here some default themes will be available. You can also add a new free theme by choosing 'new/popular' and then install any theme you like. Once it's activated, the appearance of your website will change.

Final Step: Get your Old Blogger links working:
The purpose of doing this is to ensure that people are still able to access your site even when they click or go to your old blogger links. This will help you to keep your Google rankings, that you've gained on your blogger's blog. To do this, go to WordPress Dashboard - Settings and set the date/time correctly. Then in the "Permalink Settings", select "Month and Name" option since this is the format that the Blogger uses. The next step is to install the WordPress plugin "Blogger to WordPress" to redirect your old blogger links to your new WordPress site.

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Once installed, Go to Tools - Blogger to WordPress redirection and Click "Start configuration". Proceed to perform the 'Get Code' setting which will provide a code which you need to copy. And finally, paste that code in your Blogger's Theme settings. That's it! This is how you can easily move your blog from Blogger to WordPress.

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