Top Affiliate Marketing Tools

Top Affiliate Marketing Tools

Top Affiliate Marketing Tools

There are a lot of affiliate marketing tools out there that can help you with your business but finding the right one can be tedious. In this post, I'm going to show top online trusted affiliate marketing tools that many people use in their own businesses and that's why I am going to do in my future business too. All these tools are best so you don't need to worry about anything to us them. I have used many tools for affiliate marketing over the past and these tools are not new or revolutionary. They just speed things up and help you stay organised and well systematized.
And therefore I wanted to make sure that you are aware of the best tools for affiliate marketing hence why I have made this post to make sure your using them.

1. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks that has been designed to help you drive bigger results. Commission Junction (CJ) is also one of the most recognized and critically acclaimed affiliate marketing programs like clickbank for beginners out there. One thing that makes Commission Junction stand out from its peers is that the program only acts as an advertising platform, meaning that you will have to deal directly with the companies you are promoting. This means that you will have to adapt quickly to the practices performed by some of these major corporations. This can prove to be quite an undertaking for some beginners to the game, but if you’re hungry for sales and believe you have what it takes, than Commission Junction may be a good option for you.

2. ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL USA. ShareaSale services two customer sets in affiliate marketing: the affiliate, and the merchant. Affiliates use ShareASale to find products to promote, and earn commission for referrals on those products.ShareASale is a platform where merchants and affiliates can meet and do business. Their cutting-edge technology makes usage seamless for customers. In 2017, Awin acquired ShareASale and gave it international exposure. Through this tool, you can make the most out of your resources and excel at affiliate marketing.

3. MaxBounty

MaxBounty is a leading and trusted affiliate network that allows you to collaborate with top affiliates on a cost-per-action basis.The best part about this program is that you pay only for results, i.e., when you acquire a customer. This makes MaxBounty one of the most effective and profitable advertising networks. You get access to over 20K affiliates who can help you increase your reach and generate more sales.

4. LinkTrust

LinkTrust is best known for its outstanding customer support. Their affiliate marketing platform is customizable to a great extent. This affiliate and digital marketing tracking software can track leads, add, calls, sales conversion, as well as networks. It tracks and optimizes the success of your internet affiliate marketing endeavors with efficacy, enabling you to operate a successful campaign. LinkTrust has a customizable interface that lets you track all types of offline and online advertising through pixels, server posts, cookies, CPA, CC, mobile traffic, and Pay-per-call. Other features include:
• LinkTrust RTA (Remote Traffic Agent)
• Lead distribution and management
• Affiliate management
• Campaign management
• Customizable lead validation
• Fraud detection, lead management
• Real-time reporting
• Mobile tracking

5. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a software solution created to track the affiliate networks of online businesses and eCommerce websites. It runs your entire affiliate program from top to bottom. It is intuitive, fast, effective, and infinitely expandable and salable and comes equipped with tracking features, campaign automation options, as well as payout management tools so that it is easier to check affiliate performance and make sure that commissions are paid on time. It has following Features:
• Customizable interface
• Themes
• Multilingual support
• Forced matrix
• Direct tracking of links
• Affiliate link styles
• Fraud protection
• Image, flash, and text link banners
• Trends reports

6. Journey by Cake

Journey is Cake’s affiliate marketing tool for tracking. It helps you optimize your spending based on positional and data-driven values of key steps in the customer journey.Cake manage and measure partner marketing programs, optimize performance for the highest profitability and attract valuable partners. It would appear that the team behind Cake is very aware of the attribution kerfuffle eCommerce is dealing with. They offer various attribution models including ones based on influence affiliates and models that provide different weight to different channels in the buyer journey. This program also integrates seamlessly with other marketing tools. You can request a free demo of this software solution from the website.

7. Thirsty Affiliates

At Thirsty Affiliates, bloggers not only list themselves but they also earn money. Therefore, for marketers, it’s easier to get active affiliates here.Thirsty Affiliates proactively fixes your broken front end links. It also provides an alternate destination for international clicks. The best part about this program is that it helps you cloak affiliate links on WordPress for free. This makes it one of the top tools for affiliate marketers who are using WordPress.

8. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is amazing affiliate tracking Tool for ecommerce and SaaS businesses. You can create your own custom affiliate program in no time. Tapfiliate is cloud based affiliate tracking software. It enables you to create, track and optimize your own affiliate programs. It offers unique social media integration for enhanced exposure, where affiliates can share or embed your branded content like web banners, images, links, etc directly.Tapfiliate Easily integrate Tapfiliate in minutes using one of our modules, guides or just install manually. Integrates with Woocommerce, Shopify, Wordpress & 30 other platforms. 

9. Ambassador

Ambassador is the world #1 Referral Marketing Software. Trusted by the world's most recognized brands. A world-class product combined with a world-class customer success team, Ambassador can help you automate the process of enrolling, tracking, rewarding and managing your referring customers, affiliates, influencers, and partners.
Manage all of your affiliates/ambassadors in one place and monitor their performance. It’s possible to schedule a free demo of this program from their website as well. You can efficiently optimize your referral program to boost your brand’s reach, awareness, and sales.

10. Omnistar

Omnistar is easy-to-use affiliate software that helps you optimize your referral marketing campaigns for faster growth. By using Omnistar affiliate tool, we are able to track and pay affiliates that would have been impossible by hand. Omnistar Affiliate lets us make sure our affiliate team is provided the best service possible. With Omnistar You will get new customers and increase your sales because they will be coming to your business from trusted recommendations.Also You will easily grow your traffic and sales because your customers and influencers will recommend your products and services to their friends, colleagues and followers.


With these tools in hand, your affiliate marketing will be more effective than ever before. Keep this post handy while selecting your affiliate marketing tools so that you can find the best tools for your business. Which tools are you using for your affiliate marketing endeavors? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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