Google AdSense Account Approval in 2020

adsense approval in 2020

Google AdSense Account Approval in 2020

Google AdSense is a Google Developed program. Initial release June 18, 2003 and run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

Sign Up with AdSence

AdSense has changed the approval criteria, and made easy for new publishers. Today in this article I'll show you the new account approval process tips from Google AdSense:
Ensure your website is compatible with AdSense
Sign up for an AdSense account
Add a site with correct URL
Add the AdSense code in your website
Wait for 1-2 weeks for final review & approval

Tips before the apply AdSense

The only thing you should keep in mind about the site view of your blog/website is simple and not include heavy theme or colorful design. Look at  Facebook or Twitter app color and theme. keep your background white for easy acceptance. Your site domain age matter and also the blog posts. Site traffic should be 100+ daily. Recommended 300+ daily visitors before applying to Adsense program.
And make sure your website or blog must contain the following pages before applying to Google AdSense. 
About page
Contact Us page
Terms & Condition
Policy & Privacy page
Disclaimer page
Sitemap page

Why Google AdSense

We all know that AdSense contextual ads are best-paying Ad program for Bloggers. Though, many people have already shared on Google AdSense; but question remains the same: How to get Adsense account approval for bloggers or wordPress website, getting an AdSense approval is not that easy.
Google AdSense have some strict account approval policies, and one of them is blog should be six months old. But, it’s not always true, and if you have created a quality Website, you can get an approved AdSense account easily.

The major problem is for BlogSpot bloggers, for some reasons Google AdSense, doesn’t entertain BlogSpot bloggers. One of the most common reason BlogSpot bloggers get is Issue with page type.  One easy way to get AdSense account with a BlogSpot blog is grabbed a custom domain, create a professional Email address and apply for AdSense account.

How to get AdSense Account

There is a simple trick to get your AdSense account approved for Blogspot domain quickly.
If your BlogSpot account have a sufficient number of post. i,e minimum post are 20+. Then it’s easy to get your AdSense account approved. If you have personal domain and host chances of AdSense approval are very high.
If you already have an active AdSense account with multiple other websites approved, then the chances are much higher that Google approves websites with duplicate content. In case Google does not approve the website for AdSense you will need to add few unique articles to the website.
If you do not already have an AdSense account, you would need to create a new one. When applying for a new Google AdSense account, Google wants your website to have unique content, and the starter websites I am selling are automated, and therefore use duplicate content (articles and videos). You will have to write a few of your own articles and add them to the website, this will help to be accepted by Google AdSense.

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Please note, Google has made is harder to be accepted into their AdSense program, they will most likely reject your first few applications. It takes a few attempts until they accept an application.
Now the question is:
How to get Adsense account approval for our blog:
1. Buy a custom domain name.
2. Use Google apps to create a professional email address.
3. Add pages like Disclaimer, Privacy, Terms & conditions, About, Contact.
4. Make sure you use a clean simple design.
5. Have at least 20-25 well-written articles.
6. Make sure you don’t use copyright images. You can find download free images from
If you have copied images from Google search, go back & delete it from your blog.
8. Ensure your sidebar looks clean & professional.
Apply for AdSense & enjoy!

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