Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other company’s products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. It’s based on revenue sharing.

In this article I walk you through an Amazon affiliate marketing step-by-step tutorial for beginners. I will share my personal Amazon account and show you the strategies that I have implemented in order to leverage Amazon affiliate marketing the right way. 
Amazon has its own free affiliate program called, Amazon Associates which allows you to promote any product on Amazon's platform. When someone makes an Amazon purchase via one of your affiliate links, you get a commission. It's as simple as that.

Choose Free Domain and Free Hosting for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

How to become an Affiliate with "Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program".
Amazon Affiliate Marketing Programlet's get started Amazon affiliate website and Let's create a free Amazon affiliate website. Open Google and performing Google search for free hosting and also search for and another Google search for now and open this website in a new tab this site can provide free hosting and here we can get a free domain for 12 months. In byte host account and we need to sign in. But login via email account Sometimes socials login doesn't work dears. And now search for new domain enter the domain name and check availability and some are the paid ones and some are free for 12 months. In our case, we need free domain, then click on get it now then click on checkout click on use your own DNS server launching the time period 12 month. We should leave this page as it is. now we need name server this website so dears that here sign up for hosting click on sign up for plan we can't type your domain this you don't worry you can type anything you want, just choose this domain name and complete this operation process with email now going to check the email as you can see this and the verification email verify your account. So your account has been created successfully. We can access are Cpanel by going to this link this is your username of you see that you can copy and you can paste here and password and log in quickly into Dashboard of Byethost and then scroll down and then click on add on domain under the domain section these are the nameserver of your hosting account.
Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Copy them and paste them into freenom, Choose USE DNS and then choose to USE your own DNS (paste name servers here) account and changed the 2nd one number servers from 1 to 2 (remaining are same) and then click on continue I want to the rest of the work.
Just Copy your freenom domain name and paste byte host Add on Domain section and copy nameservers from here into freenom's Use DNS section. So, wait for it. Now your domain
is ready. Now open Cpanel of, here now we need to install WordPress scroll down click on softaculous Apps installer there are a lot of the scripts that we can install on this hosting. so we need WordPress. So click on install should I choose domain, choose your custom domain do not choose custom domain. Gives a name to your site you can call whatever you like we can change the description of your site. Type username you want to type and your password that I need to enter your real email address last holders click on install WordPress. By installing Wordpress successfully access WordPress dashboard by going the link first now let's move on the Next step.

Choosing a theme for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

Open and you need to scroll down to click on become an affiliate. Now to sign up you can join the Amazon affiliate program by clicking on this Link I already have an account on Amazon so I have to login as you can see I just log in with my Amazon account personal login now just leave this page as it just goes back to the dashboard. let's go to the appearance choose a theme then click on add new no search here Astra now installed the theme, click on icon activate. Now go to plugins add new search here and search for  Astro starter sites, Install now then click on activate. then click on Astra sites do you want to go to Beaver builder base he can choose any Woocommerce theme. Now open the Dashboard of your website and select the plugins Now you go to Bravil Builder and choose any Woocommerce theme but the theme should be included Woocommerce plugins. and install the theme. It will import all the data from this demo Woo-commerce website.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Installing plugins for Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

Now we have to add new plugins for WooCommerce Amazon affiliate. I,e Wzone lite. Install this theme and activate. Now just config this plugin, click on get started.  This is set up of Wizard but asking what kind of site going to select, this is an online store click next this is fresh install fast click next, select second options (I creating a new website...) then next and click next and next and finally we need the access key ID and the secret access key of Amazon affiliate account and take it easy. Go to the top of at and open Amazon affiliate account then go to the tools then click on products advertising API access key by clicking on this add credentials, By creating access key and secret key copy these two and paste into WZone lite plugins.

affiliate marketing with amazon

Now for Affiliate ID, go to the Amazon Associates, go to your accounts and your email and click on manage your tracking id, copy this and select your country. and check Amazon AWS keys if this doesn't work for you brothers then make sure you have an account on AWS. Go to the create an account it will charge less than 1$ of your Credit/Debit card that almost free for yours on amazon. Once you have done this then click again on Check aws keys. Then you will see that the Woo-commerce plugin is successfully affiliated with amazon (Woo-commerce Amazon affiliates to was able to connect to Amazon with specific key pair and Associate ID) and now click on finish.

Configuration of WZone lite Plugins and Importing products from Amazon to our Website

The last step of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program is to installing Wzone lite plugin and then importing products from Amazon. Now open Wzone lite plugin's dashboard, first of all, we have a free version with you get limited features if you have paid version then you get tons of other features. Now import products from Amazon. We have free version of this plugin, let's click on insane import mood you can type product name you want to import like you can type shirt and shirts for men and choose category Arrow and click on launch search. this will do some process and the result that will be shown down. and click on Import Products. and In this way, the products will be imported to your website menu. It depends on your choice.

Below is the example of Amazon Native ads

I hope you 'll completely understand how to make an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. For more
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