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Why Affiliate Marketing?

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Why Affiliate Marketing?

If money and resources are tight, I encourage you to get started with affiliate marketing. For those of you who don't know, affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting other people's products or services.

Here I am telling how I started Affiliate Marketing; I choose Affiliate Marketing because I wanted to start with some business and I didn't know, what will be for me the best at the beginning and then I discovered one man, who doing affiliate marketing without spending a lot of money and earn $5000/month, and I decided! Before I was looking at drop shipping videos, Amazon FBA videos, and other online businesses. But I didn't want to invest a lot of money so I was looking for something better for me and Affiliate Marketing is, I think. But if I will win I will invest all that money in some course to improve myself because I don't want to work for others, but for me and be my boss.

Why you have to do Affiliate Marketing?
How to Start An Affiliate Marketing
I'll show you more 20 bloggers they have started Affiliate Marketing with very less money and they worked constantly and maintain consistency and you 'll see how much money they earned from their affiliate marketing.

1. Crowdworknews.com

I made my first affiliate income in the third month of blogging and most of it was from affiliate marketing. Though the amount was small ($310), I learned a lot from it.

2. Livefrugalee.com
It took me about 3 months to get my first affiliate sale. I had started with a free WordPress blog but I decided I wanted to get a self-hosted site to look more professional and to take WordPress out of my domain name.
After blue hosting (2months later) I got a good amount of organic traffic, and a guy emailed me about the current Lyft referral bonus at the time, which was $750 for him and $1000 for me if he completed a certain number of rides within 30 days.

3. BreakingTheOnePercent.com
I’ve been blogging for about two years, but I didn’t start actively pursuing affiliate marketing until about 6 months ago. Since I already knew a lot of the basics of blogging, my results are likely better than someone brand new- I’ve gone from $0 in affiliate income to over $7,000 per month in 6 months.

4. LadiesMakeMoney.com
I then started a new blog Ladies Make Money Online in November of 2017 as a way to teach other ladies how to make money online. My first affiliate sale was in December of 2016. They are still not huge. Only $86.

I knew people made money from affiliate marketing, so I threw a couple of links on that site on a "resources" page, things I knew would appeal to people in direct sales or who were looking for a business opportunity to start from home. I went on to create a few websites that made money from affiliate products. At one point I was supporting my family as a single mom.

6. EdenFried.com
A lot of people say that affiliate marketing is too hard and too competitive but, despite those ramblings, I went for it anyway and I’m so glad I did. Those first 90 days were tough and filled with grunt work. But when I started and promote my work, I make around $500 in passive affiliate sales each month, in addition to my other blog revenue! I can’t complain. The long haul was worth it.

7. FITnancials.com
It took 2 days for me to get my first affiliate sale, although my first sale was through Amazon, which is probably the easiest way to get into affiliate marketing for a blog at any level.

8.  InkwellEditorial.com
I created a website just for my sister’s ebooks and drove traffic to it from my article marketing efforts. Published a blog: I blogged about foreclosures in general, and put my sister’s ebooks. She went on to write several others in that niche on it.
Over the years, I’ve earned tens of thousands of dollars off of my sister’s products. We even co-authored one book together on the subject. And to this day, I still earn from her products. In fact, as of the update on 3/13/2019, I earned almost $100 in affiliate commissions from her product line.

9. TheSheApproach.com
how long it took her to get that first sale — how about less than 2 days. She wrote: "Did it take 24 hours to make my affiliate sale? No. It took about 30 [hours]".The sale was of the ebook, How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 hours using Pinterest. 
If they people can do, then WHY can't we people do.

10. QCBlogger.com
I made my first affiliate sale after 363 days of blogging. My thought, when I read that quote from Al’s blog, was, "Wow, talk about persistence!" This is EXACTLY why I wanted to write this post — to show that persistence and hard work does pay off.

11. ThePeachyRose.com
when I saw that the ebook was only listed for $25, I thought the price was reasonable. "I purchased the ebook at 12:50 AM and my first transaction went through at 12:28 PM. Barely less than 12 hours, but, hey, it counts."

12. TheDeadbeatStudent.com
Pastor Robert yes, he’s a youth pastor in Arkansas, a total newbie to affiliate marketing until early 2017, got his first affiliate sale just over a month after starting. Using Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate system, Robert is investing his time building niche sites.

13. Joleisa.com

It took these sisters a year to earn their first affiliate sale. Their earnings? $196.00 from selling an Elite Blog Academy course. As one described it.

14. Meetahmad.com
Muhammad affiliate marketing for the first time. And what do you know, he made his first affiliate sale that month; earning $27. How did he do it? By promoting a Udemy course using Facebook ads. After setting up his Facebook ads campaign. Udemy offered a 10% commission per sale, so I made sales of $270 to make $27.

15. TwinsMommy.com
I started this blog a year ago, and within four months of starting, I was making money But, it wasn’t a lot around $20. But that didn’t matter. I made an income with my blog, and I was happy with that. For the next couple of months, I made some money up to $50.

16. HodgePodgeHippie.com
For the month of May 2017, I made 25 cents. I had no expenses, except for my time and sanity, and am hoping to double my income for June. 50 cents in my goal!

17. SmartOnlineFortune.com
It took me about six months to make my first affiliate sale, and my first affiliate sale was worth about $35, Miki says. This blogger went on to say, 'I didn’t make my first dollar until I decided to invest in the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing" course.

18. Wealthanize.com
I had a blog post that was pulling in 4500 visitors a month. I contacted the site owners and they set up a rudimentary affiliate program where customers used a coupon code tied to my site to get a small discount. In return, they gave me the product to review which was $300 with the agreement that each sale would be $100 to me, with the first 3 sales going toward paying for the program. It was about 2 months before we got our first sale and I’ve had more since then.

19. SmartsCentsMom.com
My first affiliate income was $2 bucks from Amazon. I was SO proud of that tiny amount and it inspired me to work harder to earn more. It took me a full year to earn $1000 per month consistently. Now I’m working towards new income goals.

20. MomentswithJenny.com
I made $3.20 on my first affiliate sale. I felt on top of the world and I said to myself "Finally, I’ve started making money online like other entrepreneurs." It was really amazing, That single sale gave the motivation to continue on this journey.


Why Affiliate Marketing? bluehostingAs you read Why affiliate marketing is an amazing way to make a living online and how all bloggers start their journey and fulfill their destiny. So, If they can do it, then WHY can't you people do. Because Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.
Encouragement to others is something everyone can give. Somebody needs what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your arms to encourage. It may be your smile to uplift.

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