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Anyone can build a successful affiliate marketing website on any niche, and I'm going to talk about how I chose the niche, so the overall plan, right? Choose a niche of products that people are searching for and that search volume is going up over time. You look at Google trends to see that it's a thing that's trending right.

The affiliate marketing niche can be extremely beneficial but that usually means you can expect a lot of competition. Of course, in order to have a strong business relationship, Then the issue might be the niche you’ve chosen, which is simply not profitable that is right for you. In fact, affiliate marketing success relies on the industry you’re in. The affiliate marketing niche defines your profit.
A good niche doesn't necessarily pay the best, but has the best lifetime value for a customer and will be around for a long time. While it's possible to make money in many of the thousands of online niches, our favorites are evergreen niches, or ones that will be around forever. Money, Health, Dating & Fitness are just a few of these.

Selecting a Niche

How to select the best Niches for Affiliate marketing: Let suppose your blog Niche is Travel Flights. So, your sub niches must be like hotels, flights, rent a car, tickets, rooms for booking, etc. Buyer visits the website for booking of hotels, flights & rental cars. They enter destinations & dates in your blog search box. So, you’ve hooked this system onto the same types of systems used by the major travel sites.
Travelers click on a hotel or flight or car rental to learn about the deal and you earn the commission for every click between $.50 to $4 (depending the Niche you select).

How the website works

Your earnings are simply dependent on how many people you get to the site. They don’t even have to book travel for you to earn, they just have to do the searches.

The CTR (Click Through Rate) for your website could go as high as 10-15%,  that means that for every 100 visitors who access your site, 15 of  them could click on at least one suggested deal to learn more about it.

For example that you're driving 100 visitors/day to your website (which is very doable) and you make an average of $2  per click, it means you are making at least $900.00 ($2 per click x 15 clicks a day x 30 days) in a month.

If  visitor clicks on multiple hotel sites, then you will earn for every click they make. Let us say that traveler clicked on 20 hotel sites & the average click rate is $2 per lead, then you will earn $40 from single visitor only.

Imagine when you are driving 1,000 daily visitors to your website. Earning potential is unlimited once you get more visitors. In general, Hotel sites pay between $.5 to $4.0 per lead while flight sites pay $.08 per lead.
Affiliate tracking cookies are valid for 365 days. So, you will make money for 365 days from same visitor.

Improve your website

Honestly, there are so many ways to improve this business Niche site.
1. You can add Flight accessories like Flight Bags, Comfortable Shoes, Foot Rest products for Travel, Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder products, etc.
2. Earn from Ads + Affiliate marketing.
3. Do just a little effort of marketing.
4. You can simply add content 2-4 articles weekly to get more and more visitors daily.
5. You can also sponsor related/relevant blogs and websites to earn money.
6. You can Sell Flight travel products.
7. Sell your ad spaces to relevant products manufacturer or websites.


Select a profitable Niche topic site and its categories as sub niches. Set your main affiliate travel sites, link with them. Now set everything is and ready to go. You just have to get traffic, that’s it. And earn a commission and make money online.

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