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Pinterest Traffic Tips

Pinterest traffic tips

Pinterest Traffic Tips

Tip #1. Pinterest SEO optimization of your profile

One of the common mistake I see in the accounts of my new pinterest profiles is poor search engine optimization of the Pinterest boards. Because the title and description of your boards (to which you save your pins) is also an important factor that helps Pinterest understand what your pin is about.

Tip #2 Save Pins from your Site by others

Sometime a lot of people don’t realize about virility on Pinterest is that original pins means the pins saved by users from your site are a very important signal for Pinterest. If people liked your content so much that they even bothered to save it on Pinterest, it really must be great for your blog to bring traffic.

So here are some of the things you could do to get more saves from your site:

2.1 Always have at least one pinnable image per post.

We’ve found that the best Pinnable images have one (or more) of the following elements:
Vertical (portrait) orientation
At least 600 pixels wide, with 736 pixels being optimal
Aspect ratio of 2:3 or 1:3.5
Up to three separate images in a mosaic
Text overlay on the image
Rich, descriptive alt text
You can place a bit of branding in the corner of the image, too.

2.2 Add social sharing buttons to your site.

For this you can use several plugins, if you are on Wordpress, I recommend Social Pug plugin. It has a free version but if you want all the functionality to maximize your optimization for Pinterest, you will need to use the paid version. It’s not too expensive by the way, just about $30 per year for one site. If you have multiple sites, you can get even a better deal.

2.3 Add pin descriptions to the images you want users to save from your site.

Make sure these descriptions are optimized for Pinterest, with hashtags and all the keywords you are targeting like linkedin. To add these descriptions to your images, you can either do it manually in the Html code by adding a data-pin-description attribute. 
Or you could do it much easier if you use Social Pug plugin. It even allows you to add the same optimized pin description to all of your images, by adding your text in one place under the page.

Tip #3 Create Business Account on Pinterst

Pinterest has a great page with the main things you need to know about pin design. I would recommend you to check the link
Most of these tips are super obvious but I’m sure that you might be missing at least some of these points.Nothing will happen with your simple pinterest accunt, then no traffic is coming.

Tip #4 Create Pin Images in Canva

The tool that I use to create most of my pins is not any kind of fancy graphic design software, it’s not Photoshop, it’s a free online tool called Canva. You can find it on this site: canva.com and try the tool. You can do pretty much everything with a free Canva account but some people using premium just because it also allows them to quickly create video pins.

Tip #5 Schedule pins with Tailwind to save hours of work

I also use this tool called Tailwind to schedule pins on Pinterest. You can have lists of boards on Pinterest and you can schedule each of your new pins to be saved to 5 or 10 relevant boards with intervals. It would take you so much effort to keep track of each pin you already saved and of all the boards without Tailwind. 
The tool also shows you the best times for saving pins – it’s the hours of the day when your audience interacts with pins better. Tailwind allows you to save pins in these best hours without having to actually login and save these pins manually.


When starting, I made several pins in Canva using their templates but modifying the text to suit my niche. Although my niche doesn't seem to be very popular on Pinterest but my pins ranked well from the very beginning.
I suspect that the visual algorithms placed them on various feeds according to the template than rather to my poor optimization. I've got many views but a lot less engagement. 
Is this reasoning correct? Or are there other factors? Now that I became much more sophisticated in doing my pins from scratch, it doesn't happen anymore.

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