Invalid Clicks Activity in AdSense

Invalid Clicks Activity in AdSense

Invalid Click Activity in AdSense

What are invalid clicks? How to prevent invalid click activity on AdSense Account.
How to protect AdSense account from invalid click activity.
How Google knows about "Illegal Click Activity"?
In today article I 'll cover all these issues about Google AdSense. I 'll also show you that how to save AdSense Account from invalid activity 100%.

1: What is invalid click activity in AdSense?

If a user just keep clicking every single ads showed in his screen, then it can be taken as invalid click activity. Because logically there is no one in this internet who could be interested with every single ads shows up on his/her screen. When a user just clicks on the his own website ad without even having any interest on whatever is showing in the screen, it will definitely be counted as invalid click. And this is called Invalid activity in AdSense.

Google Follows many complex algorithms for determining whether a click is "Legal" or "Illegal". No one except Google can provide you deep information about it. However, I give you another simple example which is enough for determining whether the clicks are "Legit" or "Fraud". When genuine or new visitors click on Ads displayed on your website, it normally results in conversion. For example If AdSense is showing an Ad related to any website Worth Software which is providing a free trial to its users, you expect Sign-Ups from the interested users. If they do, it's called conversion and such clicks are called "Legal Clicks or Legit Clicks". A use self clicks doesn't converts in conversion.

Remember, Google AdSense pay you not only because it need clicks on different Ads displayed by it. The real purpose is getting "Conversion".

2: Don't click on your ads

When you start clicking on your Own Ads, it doesn't convert. I mean, you just click on different Ads on your site. You never purchase any product or help in conversion. This kind of clicks are termed as "Fraud Clicks" because it doesn't give any kind of benefit to Advertisers who pay Google to advertise their product. As per definition if a click is generated as an outcome of keen interest on the ad or product showing in the screen and if the user clicked on the ad, it will counted as a legit click. Take a look at the article below to know more about invalid click activity.
For AdSense Approval click here

3: How invalid clicks happens on our website?

As, you people already know that no one claim himself that Invalid clicks has happened by him. As invalid click is still many webmaster claims that they neither did it nor compels anyone to click on their ads. It can also be happen that someone hate you and he/she know your website and he/she do repeated clicks by self to harm you. It is just like a thief claiming that he didn’t steal anything from any one.
Don't click on your ads, even if you feel like doing it!
No matter what your interest.

4: How you can help to prevent invalid activity

When you got Acceptance from AdSense then must have to brought Huge Traffic to our website. Although you have to bring traffic to the your blog before applying Google AdSense. AdSense publishers are responsible for the Big traffic on their ads. For this reason, it’s critical that you diligently monitor your ad traffic to ensure that your account is compliant with Google Adsense policies and not accruing invalid activity. If you see something suspicious after following the tips below, you're welcome to notify Google Adsense.

We encourage you to review the information in our beginner’s guide to AdSense policies, as well as our full program policies and Terms and Conditions. In addition to that, here are some tips to help you prevent invalid activity on your ads:

5: How to save our AdSense Account

You must have to keep away from these points then our Google Adsense account will be safe.
  • Clicks or impressions generated by publishers
  • Clicking on their own live ads
  • Repeated ad clicks or impressions generated by one or more users
  • Publishers encouraging clicks on their ads
  • Automated clicking tools or traffic sources like robots, or other deceptive software

6: Understand your ad traffic and site visitors

Understand your website/blog by dividing your traffic reports into meaningful segments using URL channels, custom channels, or even DFP ad units. This will help you dear readers/audiences to give you an idea of ​​how changes or enforcement of traffic sources may impact your advertising traffic.
Next, use Google Analytics to find detailed information about your site's visitors, and look for user suspicious behavior. Which blog and posts are visited most by viewers and most comments occur in a blog post.

For example: Where do my users come from, either geographically or on the web?
What pages do they view on my site?
So, go to those pages and blogs and add some extra information those blog pages. Learn more about how you can understand your traffic. 


Bad activity is one of the most common things that every new AdSense publisher confirms. According to a recently published AdSense statistics reprint, approximately 72% of AdSense accounts were deactivated and banned for invalid click activity. A group of students also researched the webmaster's theory and thought their AdSense account was disabled due to incorrect ad activity. Most webmasters said that they did not click on their own ads or persuade anyone to do so. They think Google has disabled their account so they don't have to pay it anymore. Plus some say "Google's scandal is to fool webmasters". If you're a victim of wrong click activity, trust me that Google has nothing to do with you, it's all about you and your site.

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