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Make verified paypal account in pakistan

Make verified PayPal Account in Pakistan

In this article, I will guide you what are legal ways to make PayPal account in Pakistan and easily verify it with your original information.

Here, I will show you how to create a Pakistani PayPal account and how to use it. Following are the two Legal ways to create PayPal account in Pakistan and verify:

1. Ask your any friend or relative, living in foreign country, to create Paypal account and verify it, then give you its login id and password

2. Visit the following link to create Paypal account in Pakistan step by step using Philippines link:

1- Visit the above link
2- Click on "Sign up for free today"
3- Insert your email address
4- Fill your original information
5- Set business type 
6- Set Nationality and CNIC
7- You will be sent email, so open email and Verify it from given link  in email address
8- That’s you you can create verified Paypal account in Pakistan.

Follow these only two safe and reliable ways to make Paypal account in Pakistan and verify it with your original information.

Note: This is not a Pakistani Bank Credit/Debit Card, whether it is Visa Card or master Card. However you can attached or liked your Pakistani Bank account attached to this Paypal account, but your other method is to use the account to make your account, so your payment will be paid for the unpaid dollars and sell it as a fund transfer, and send it to your bank.

If you want to get back to me, I will be legally friends with you again in Saudi Arabia, we will add your bank account, we will deduct your bank account, and our payment will be transferred to us.

The only way I can give the post to legal people is to go to a Paypal account in Pakistan, which is the option I will follow.

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